Welcome to TEWDI Uganda

TEWDI Uganda is a local non-governmental organization registered with the national NGO Board, Ministry of Internal Affairs. TEWDI Uganda is concerned about the increasing levels of poverty, human rights violations especially for women and children and the limited access to livelihood skills in poverty stricken… Read more

Women proudly show off their harvest of onions

Women proudly show off their harvest of onions.

TEWDI Uganda’s focus

Livelihoods and Food Security

Livelihoods and food security picWomen and girls especially in rural settings have limited opportunities to access skills, education, assets and other resources necessary to strengthen their economic status. TEWDI Uganda through the horticulture innovation Lab research program works closely with women smallholder farmers who are often excluded from irrigation and marketing developments and other partners to develop protocols for integrating women… Read more.

Environment sustainability

Environmental Sustainability (Women in Campswahili drying briquettes)Forests have a big role in the carbon cycle and in climate change mitigation by capturing and storing (sequestration) carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. In Uganda, Household energy use is more than 95 percent dominated by the use of woody biomass (Wood charcoal and Firewood)… Read more…

Women’s Rights

Home page pictureDespite great strides made by the international human rights activists ,existing legislation, legal provisions and gender responsive policies advocating for women’s rights worldwide. In many parts of Uganda, women and girls especially in the rural areas still face a wide range of challenges including discrimination, low social status, lack of economic self-sufficiency, greater risk of HIV/AIDS infection, poverty, low education status etc… Read more…


EducationThe education system in Uganda focuses more on theory with less critical thinking and skill based training for children before the age of 15. TEWDI Uganda works with local schools in implementing an education curriculum, which induces children to innovate and perform hands on activities. Hands on skills in the school curriculum, along with constant critical thinking will help them find a skilled based job in their community… Read more…

Our Vision

Communities where poverty and occurrence of human rights violations against women and children are reduced and communities have access to strong sustainable socio-economic livelihoods.

Our Mission

To mobilize communities to participate in promoting longer healthier lives and socio-economic freedom for women and children in Eastern Uganda.

Our Overrall Goal

To improve household health and living conditions especially in female and child headed households in Teso region.
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